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Boost conversions for your business with professional web design.  I make websites that integrate your brand identity seamlessly, enhancing recognition, credibility, and establishing a strong online presence.

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About Me

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Hello, I'm Johnathan!

I am the owner of Grey Ape Design and a Software Engineer. I am currently studying Computer Science and Business at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. After noticing a strong demand from small and medium sized businesses who were looking to expand, I decided to jump into action by creating visually appealing and responsive websites. If your business is ready for a professional website or your existing website needs to be updated let’s work together to find a solution for your business!

The Importance of a Professional Website for Your Business.

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Credibility and Differentiation

A great website can help your business showcase your expertise creating a credible online presence. A website can create strong brand identity and differentiate your business from competitors.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Websites serve as a powerful marketing tool enabling you to showcase your services and products. Utilizing an effective SEO strategy can reach a wider audience and generate leads.

Analytics and Insights

Websites provide valuable analytics and tracking tools that allow your business to gather important information. This data can be effective for marketing campaigns and growing your business. 

Some Statistics

0 %

Of users won’t recommend a company with a poorly designed website

0 %

Of users decide on the credibility of a business is based on it’s web design 

0 %

Of users after 5 seconds of looking for a website will look elsewhere if they can’t find it

*Statistics provided by Forbes Advisor

Services and Pricing

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Information Site

Perfect for individuals, organizations, or businesses that aim to provide valuable and relevant information about their services or organization.

$500 +

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E-commerce Site

E-commerce store is for businesses that aim to sell products or services online to customers and clients, manage products, and conduct transactions.

$1,000 +

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Custom Website

A custom website is perfect for businesses with distinct needs for their business including integrated software, custom plugins, and ongoing support and maintenance plans.

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